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Outfit your house of worship with the equipment needed to cultivate an ideal environment for your community members and congregants. 

We understand how much happens behind the scenes in order to successfully produce a church service. Let us help you set the tone, creating the very best experience  for both your members and visitors.  We provide you with solutions for hospitality programs, live sound systems, digital signage, live streaming solutions and more!

KHT Electronics | First United Methodist Church

Commercial / Featured Church Project

First Methodist Waco

We know you don’t go to church to hear microphones go out or for the lyrics of the song to not show up on the big screens. We don’t either. So, when the audio and video systems at our own church, First Methodist Waco, were clearly struggling we jumped right in. What we found were outdated systems and pieced together patches of mismatched equipment. That was causing glitches and breakdowns in performance. KHT customized a solution so that the congregation could focus on worshiping and connecting — not the audio & video systems.

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