Electronics in Venues
Electronics in Venues

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Make sure your stage is ready to showcase serious talent with serious tech.

With KHT, you never have to sacrifice the security of your patrons for a best-in-class technology experience. We can provide you with a one-of-a-kind solution that takes your unique goals and challenges into consideration. Adding digital features such as high-tech signage and video walls to your space not only help manage crowd control and advertisements, but create an experience for your patrons. With KHT Electronics, you have the opportunity to utilize our solutions for cinemas, auditoriums, sound systems and live streaming to ensure an unforgettable performance. Your guests will rest easy knowing KHT Electronics is on security detail, safeguarding their experience and best interests.

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Commercial / Featured Performing Venue Project

Waco Hippodrome Theatre

Perhaps more than anywhere else, you expect and want an amazing audio and video experience when you go to the movies. This is true for the Waco Hippodrome Theatre as well. Since being revived and restored by Shane and Cody Turner the Hippodrome has become a Waco favorite once more. However, when they encountered issues with the sound quality in the main theatre it had to be addressed. KHT was able to create a top of the line audio system and premium cinema experience for the Hippodrome’s customers.

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