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Security System Specialists


Life gets hectic, and if you’re calendar looks anything like ours, we know you don’t need one more thing on your mind. When it comes to securing your home, sometimes locking your front door and hiding the key simply isn’t enough to keep your family safe. So we’re stepping-up to protect you and your sanity. KHT provides custom security solutions for you and your family. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, but adapt our services based on what will best fit you and your lifestyle.

Your business is your livelihood, and should be protected. KHT protects business and commercial properties using the latest in surveillance, alerts, and mobile technology.

Monitor your business both inside and out to protect yourself from theft and litigation. Our range of corporate solutions extends beyond standard office buildings- we provide customized security solutions for churches, schools, and more.

In any home or business environment, a security system with 24/7 monitoring provides the smartest, most affordable way to protect your family, valuables, and property. For only $1 a day, an alarm-monitoring system will secure your home, 24/7, keeping your family safe around the clock.

Dependable Protection For Your Home Or Office

When it comes to protecting what matters most to you, we have your back. We never cut corners with the security systems we place in your home. In fact, we pledge to never install a system we wouldn’t place in our own home or business. Standards run high for the requirements a system must meet to be deemed “KHT worthy,” and we want you to be aware of these standards as well!

Our monitored security services don’t just alert you when there is suspicious activity, but automatically call 911 for you, so action is taken quickly. A high-definition camera is always included in our monitored systems. This may seem luxurious, but in reality, a quality camera is a necessity if the system is to work properly.

The appeal of a monitored system is that you have a record of the activity occurring in your space when you’re not around. Without a camera that shows enough detail to identify unwelcome guests and missing items, your system looses its value altogether. That’s why we not only ensure you have a clear record of activity, but also a storage system to back it up as well.

We use systems with cloud storage capabilities. That way if the system itself is damaged or stolen, you have a record stored offsite and your system can still do its job. Often times with “small” burglaries, you may not even realize there has been a break-in until a few days later when those missing items are finally missed! That’s why having stored footage is crucial—you can look back and see what your second set of eyes caught on camera.

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