Electronics in corporate
Electronics in corporate


More than ever before, the concept “company culture” determines how well a business can attract and keep talent. The type of experience an employee, guest or customer has while interacting your place of business matters.

What experience are you creating?

With KHT Electronics, you can control the image your company projects with tools that not only keep your business safe and secure, but set a tone for how people experience your culture. We do this by providing you with what you need to optimize meeting spaces and auditoriums, facilitate live streams, and tell your company’s story through digital signage and video walls and more!

The best part? We ensure your experience with us and your new tech is seamless. We produce solutions customized to your prioritized goals and provide support to educate your team so they are confident in utilizing them.

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Walker Partners headquarters

Like many businesses, Walker Partners found themselves with a plethora of projects, ideas and clients, but a low supply of time. KHT Electronics stepped in to help the engineering firm utilize every hour of the day by upgrading their day-to-day technology.

Instead of requiring their team to travel for blueprint presentations and client meetings, we brought meetings to the Walker Partners headquarters by finishing out their conference and common spaces with easy-to-use audio and visual technology. From a basic conferencing system to a state-of-the-art, fully outfitted conference room, KHT not only made remote meetings an option, but the preferred method of meeting with clients.

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