Electronics in Education
Electronics in Education


Technology is finding its way into the classroom more and more in our digital age, and it’s providing our children with new ways to learn. Whether it’s tools that bring teaching to life or security integration that keeps schools safe, KHT is equipping educators with the resources they need for success.

Whether your school is integrating innovative tech into new construction or outfitting old classrooms with upgraded tools, we provide you with a custom solution to address your unique demographic and goals. We also provide our customers with training and educational resources to instill confidence and ease of use, ensuring that classroom tech doesn’t hinder the educational atmosphere but instead, cultivates it.

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Commercial / Featured Education Project

Hewitt Library

Audio and video are critical to maximizing the ability of students of all ages to learn. Whether it’s outfitting classrooms at Baylor University, primary schools or libraries, KHT stands ready to provide the most effective and cost efficient solutions. For the Hewitt Library, we came in and assessed their needs first. Then we designed and installed A/V equipment that will make learning interactive and last for years.

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