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We Do: Good!

Good work, Good times and Good Deeds

We love what we do and we cannot wait to share it with you. Hi, I am Tabetha Koerth and I founded this business with my husband Shawn. We created KHT after working in the audio visual world for 15+ years and thinking, “there has to be a better way”. After prayerful consideration, we decided to start a business but try a different approach. Instead of choosing one solution and selling it to everyone; we work with several manufacturers and distributors to create customized solutions to fit each person or business’s needs. This gives us the unique ability to combine solutions for the perfect fit for every need. We will assess your needs and then design, build, and program a solution that is perfect for the way you live and work.

At KHT we do things different — we treat people like people again. We began as a family owned and operated business, and plan to always be. In fact, the members of our team and our customers are a significant part of our ever growing family.

Electronics Specialist Tabetha Koerth

Tabetha Koerth

Tabetha describes her role at KHT as “the keeper of the vision.” She not only handles our sales and marketing, but rallies our tech troops. Tabetha comes from a business admin and sales background, but what she’s really passionate about is equipping people to do their best work— Whether that be with the KHT team or helping our clients face their tech-fears. Her people-focused approach has equipped her to cast a vision for the entire company and inspire our team to come together over serving others well.

Electronics Specialist Shawn Koerth

Shawn Koerth

Shawn says his work at KHT keeps him young at heart. As a kid he’d help his dad’s band set up their equipment at shows every weekend. That is how he fell in love with the craft. Combined with his 20 years of management experience, his knowledge of existing AV systems versus the constant training on new and future technologies keeps him at the forefront of our industry. Whether he’s designing and installing the largest systems or mounting one television, Shawn is confident this is where he’s supposed to be.
“It takes faith in the unknown to start a business, and faith in something greater to share it with those around you.”

Electronics Specialist Angela Daly

Angela Daly

Electronics Specialist Joshua Thomas

Joshua Thomas

Electronics Specialist Justin Craven

Justin Craven

Charity Involvement

At KHT Electronics, we believe charity is everything. Coming from families that have had their share of struggles, we have a heart to help others with the resources we’ve been given. In fact, we founded KHT with long-term philanthropic goals in mind. It all goes back to our love of people and our desire to help others any way we can.

Below you will find a list of charities KHT Electronics supports, and an explanation of why we chose to pour into their missions.